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No photo available Personal Information
Last Name Rafiee Dehkharghani
First Name Reza
Degree Assistant Professor

Contact Information
Web site RTIS2,
Personal Website
Telephone Number 021 6111 2182
Cellphone Number
Room Number 311

Education Information
Major Computational Mechanics & Geotechnical Engineering
Bachelor Civil Engineering, University of Tehran - 2006
Master Geotechnical Engineering, University of Tehran - 2009
Computational Mechanics, State University of New York at Buffalo - 2011
Ph.D. Computational Mechanics, State University of New York at Buffalo - 2015

1 Soil Mechanics Lab
2 Dynamics
3 Numerical Methods in Soil Mechanics
4 Advanced Engineering Mathematics I
# Title of the Publication Type Date Published Journal
1 Soil-buried wave barriers for vibration control of structures subjected to vertically incident shear waves Journal Paper 97/03/11 Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering
2 Dynamic Behavior of Masonry Arch Bridge under High-Speed Train Loading: Veresk Bridge Case Study Journal Paper 97/03/11 Journal of Performance of Constructed Facilities
3 Topology Optimization of Wave Barriers for Mitigation of Vertical Component of Seismic Ground Motions Journal Paper 96/08/25 Journal of Earthquake Engineering
4 Analysis and Optimal Design of Stress Wave Intensity Attenuation in Layered Structures Journal Paper 96/03/01 International Journal of Structural Stability and Dynamics
5 Detection of reduced cross-section area in the semi-finite two-part rods using the fast Fourier transform Conference Paper 95/02/21 9th National Congress on Civil Engineering
6 Stress Wave Attenuation in Noncollinear Structures Subjected to Impulsive Transient Loadings Journal Paper 95/02/12 Journal of Engineering Mechanics - ASCE
7 Interface profile optimization for planar stress wave attenuation in bi-layered plates Journal Paper 94/09/10 COMPOSITES PART B-ENGINEERING
8 Field Performance of a New Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Deck Journal Paper 94/09/10 Journal of Performance of Constructed Facilities
9 Planar stress wave attenuation in plates with circular voids and inclusions Journal Paper 94/03/11 COMPOSITES PART B-ENGINEERING
10 Characterization of Multilayered Stress Wave Attenuators Subjected to Impulsive Transient Loadings Journal Paper 94/01/12 Journal of Engineering Mechanics - ASCE
11 Anisotropic behavior of silty sands by means of undrained monotonic triaxial tests Conference Paper 88/03/25 International Conference on Performance-Based Design in Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering — from case history to practice
12 effect of anisotrop consolidation on undrained behavior of silty sand Conference Paper 88/02/21 8th International Congress on Civil Engineering
13 Conference Paper 0
Thesis supervision
# Thesis Title Student Name Degree Defence date
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