Faculty Members

Faculty Members of school of Civil Engineering

Photo Last Name First Name Major E-Mail
No photo available Aghabayk Eagely Seyed Kayvan Road and Transportation Engineering kayvan.aghabayk@ut.ac.ir
No photo available Alavi Seyyed Mohammad Zia Roadway Engineering zia.alavi@ut.ac.ir
No photo available Attarnejad Reza Structural Engineering & Hydraulics Structural Engineering attarnjd@ut.ac.ir
No photo available Babazadeh Abbas Transportation Engineering and Planning ababazadeh@ut.ac.ir
No photo available Badiei Seyyed Peyman Coastal Maritime and Environmental Engineering pbadiei@ut.ac.ir
No photo available Bahari Mohammad Reza Structural Engineering Earthquake Engineering & Marine Structures mbahari@ut.ac.ir
No photo available Bani Hashemi Seyyed Mohammad Ali River Engineering Flood Control & Computational Hydraulics banihash@ut.ac.ir
No photo available Bargi Khosro Structural Engineering Earthquake Engineering & Marine Structures kbargi@ut.ac.ir
No photo available Behnia Kambiz Geotechnical Engineering & Highways and Transportation Engineering cbehnia@ut.ac.ir
No photo available Bitaraf Maryam Structural Engineering and Control maryam.bitaraf@ut.ac.ir
No photo available Dolatshahi Pirooz Moharram Marine Structures mdolat@ut.ac.ir
No photo available Eskandari Ghadi Morteza Structural Engineering Continuum Mechanics & Elasticity ghadi@ut.ac.ir
No photo available Fakher Ali Geotechnical Engineering & Marine Structures afakher@ut.ac.ir
No photo available Farjoodi Jamshid Earthquake Engineering&Structural Engineering jfarjood@ut.ac.ir
No photo available Farzaneh Ourang Geotechnical Engineering & Highways and Transportation Engineering ofarzane@ut.ac.ir
No photo available Gatmiri Behrouz Earthquake Engineering & Geotechnical Engineering gatmiri@ut.ac.ir
No photo available Ghalandarzadeh Abbas Geotechnical Engineering aghaland@ut.ac.ir
No photo available Ghassemieh Mehdi Structural Engineering & Earthquake Engineering m.ghassemieh@ut.ac.ir
No photo available Ghiami Azad Amir Reza Structural & Earthquake Engineering rghiami@ut.ac.ir
No photo available Ghiasi Reza Hydraulics Hydraulics Structure Marine Structure&Environmental Engineerin rghiassi@ut.ac.ir
No photo available Gholipour Yaghoub Structural Engineering Optimization & Construction Management ygholipour@ut.ac.ir
No photo available Ghorbani Tanha Seyyed Amir Keyvan Structural Engineering & Earthquake Engineering ghtanha@ut.ac.ir
No photo available Heravi Gholamreza Construction Engineering and Management heravi@ut.ac.ir
No photo available Hosseini Abdollah Construction Engineering and Management hosseiniaby@ut.ac.ir
No photo available Karamouz Mohammad Water Resources Planning and Management karamouz@ut.ac.ir
No photo available Kavand Ali Geotechnical Engineering akavand@ut.ac.ir
No photo available Kerachian Reza Water and Environmental Resources Planning and Management kerachian@ut.ac.ir
No photo available Khademi Navid Transportation Planning & Highway Engineering navid.khademi@ut.ac.ir
No photo available Khan Mohammadi Mohammad Structural Engineering & Earthquake Engineering mkhan@ut.ac.ir
No photo available Latifi Manouchehr Geotechnical Engineering & Highways and Transportation Engineering mlatifi@ut.ac.ir
No photo available Mahmoudzadeh Kani Iraj Structural Engineering imkani@ut.ac.ir
No photo available Malek Shahrokh Structural Engineering & Bridge Engineering maalek@ut.ac.ir
No photo available Marefat Mohammad Sadegh Structural Engineering & Earthquake Engineering mmarefat@ut.ac.ir
No photo available Mirghaderi Seyyed Rasoul Structural Engineering & Earthquake Engineering rmirghaderi@ut.ac.ir
No photo available Mirghasemi Ali Asghar Geotechnical Engineering & Hydraulics Structural Engineering aghasemi@ut.ac.ir
No photo available Mohammadi Soheil Computational Mechanics & Structural Engineering smoham@ut.ac.ir
No photo available Montazeri Namin Masoud Computational Hydraulics & Environmental Engineering mnamin@ut.ac.ir
No photo available Moradi Majid Geotechnical Engineering mmoradi@ut.ac.ir
No photo available Motavali Masoud Structural Engineering & Construction Material masoud.motavalli@ut.ac.ir
No photo available Naeeni Seyyed Taghi (Omid) Hydraulics Marine Structures &Environmental Engineering stnaeeni@ut.ac.ir
No photo available Naseri Mohsen Water and Environmental Resources Planning mnasseri@ut.ac.ir
No photo available Nazif Sara Water Resources Planning and Management & Environmental Engineeri snazif@ut.ac.ir
No photo available Palasi Masoud Geotechnical Engineering & Highways and Transportation Engineering mpalas@ut.ac.ir
No photo available Rafiee Dehkharghani Reza Computational Mechanics & Geotechnical Engineering rezarafiee@ut.ac.ir
No photo available Rahimian Mohammad Structural Engineering & Fracture Mechanics rahimian@ut.ac.ir
No photo available Ramezanian pour Amir Mohammad Concrete Technology & Construction Materials ramezanian@ut.ac.ir
No photo available Sadegh Azar Majid Structural Engineering & Earthquake Engineering msadegha@ut.ac.ir
No photo available Samadzad Mehdi Transportaion Engineering msamadzad@ut.ac.ir
No photo available Shahverdi Moslem Structural & Construction Materials Engineering moslem.shahverdi@ut.ac.ir
No photo available Shekarchi Zadeh Mohammad Concrete Technology & Construction Materials shekarch@ut.ac.ir
No photo available Tabesh Masoud Water and Environmental Resources Planning and Management mtabesh@ut.ac.ir
No photo available Taghaddos Hosein Construction Engineering and Management htaghaddos@ut.ac.ir
No photo available Tavakkolan Mehdi Construction Engineering and Management mtavakolan@ut.ac.ir
No photo available Vahdani Shahram Structural Engineering svahdani@ut.ac.ir
No photo available Yousefi Ghaleh Joogh Hassan Earthquake Engineering hyosefi@ut.ac.ir
No photo available Zahrai Seyyed Mehdi Structural Engineering & Earthquake Engineering mzahrai@ut.ac.ir
No photo available Zahraie Banafsheh Water Resources Planning and Management bzahraie@ut.ac.ir

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